Children’s Dentistry Port Macquarie

At Hermitage Dental we believe that intervention early to prevent problems developing in your child’s teeth will lead to a healthier smile for life.

Children's Dentist Port MacquarieAt Hermitage Dental we offer friendly, caring and professional dental treatment for children. You can be confident your child is in the hands of qualified and experienced Dentists and Oral Health Therapists. Our team is specially trained to treat children.

Port Macquarie Children’s Dentistry

We recommend bringing your child to their first dental appointment by age three, for and introduction and orientation to familiarise them with the dental setting. It is best to ensure that the first dental experience is not an emergency and not associated with pain or tooth ache.

At Hermitage Dental we believe visiting the dental surgery should be presented to your child as a positive experience. We encourage you to reassure your child that we’re here to help them take care of their teeth. It’s important not to prepare your child for the appointment by describing any of your own dental experiences that may be negative.

A regular checkup every six months so that the tooth eruption pattern can be monitored and oral health assessed is recommended. Permanent teeth begin to appear at around six years old and the application of fluoride is beneficial at this time.

Children’s Dentist in Port Macquarie

It may help your child to prepare for their dental visit by telling them the date of their appointment. Regular check-up every six months so their tooth eruption pattern and oral health can be monitored. It’s important not to wait until your child has a tooth ache or requires emergency child dentistry.

Child Dental Benefit Schedule

Children aged 2-17 may be eligible for dental treatment under the new Child Dental Benefit Schedule provided by the Department of Human Services. Please contact the surgery for further details.

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